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Samsung Chromebook Review

Samsung Chromebook Budget Laptop Review

 Samsung Chromebook is literally the most affordable laptop but there’s more to this device than simply an insane small price. It’s the perfect tiny notebook for traveling, quick and efficient web browsing and great for students as well. Not everyone is familiar with this range of products that run on Chrome operating system, hence the name. Check price at Amazon

So it’s not a traditional laptop that runs any software and has a massive storage space. On the contrary, Chromebook laptops are cloud-focused in terms of storage since the actual space on drive is of only 16GB. But to this 16GB users have at their disposal 100GB storage space on Google Drive. Nevertheless, only the first 2 years are free.

The amazing part about Samsung Chromebook is that it can be used immediately after getting it out of the box. The virus protection is built in so this is the safest and quickest way for browsing and making use of thousands of apps without the hassle of installing an anti-virus. The Chrome Web Store will definitely become one of your favorite online places.

Moreover, all the range of Google products is already installed when getting this 11.6-inch laptop. Among those, you will get: YouTube, Gmail, Search, and Hangouts. Other important instruments for managing documents, presentations, and office work while being on the road are Zoho, Google Docs, and SlideRocket. Then you can make a backup of your work on Google Drive so the entire process is nicely covered by the technology incorporated in this model.

The chiclet keyboard and the large touch-pad will make typing, browsing, and general handling a lot easier and faster. Those are some nice specs given the 11.6-inch display that has a 1366 x 768 resolution (not a Full HD display).

Another thing I like about this Chrome OS model is the ARM-based CPU, which means that there are no fans incorporated. Again, this model will never replace a desktop or a regular laptop as we know it but it’s the perfect, easy to use, and a smart ultra-portable device to carry it around for doing some quick work, everyday tasks like checking your email, browsing, and have some fun with all those apps. Plus a device that wakes up in less than 10 seconds (boot time).  Check price at Amazon

The ARM-based Processor is Dual-Core Exynos 5200 that runs on 1.7GHz core speed. It is helped in delivering tasks without lags by the 2GB DRR3 RAM. However, as you can notice, this is not a setting for delivering raw power so users who seek that should turn their attention to a traditional but more expensive laptop.

Other features for Samsung Chromebook are: incorporated webcam, dual-band wireless (2.4GHz and 5GHz), built-in speakers, an estimated battery life of 6.5 hours which one of the best features and a main attracting point for potential customers, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 USB 3.0 port, no Ethernet port incorporated unfortunately, and 1 HDMI output so the connectors range is almost completely covered. This tiny model is not only incredibly thin (0.7 inches thick) but it also weighs only 2.4 pounds (approx. 1kg) so this is ultra-portability.

This Chromebook comes in two options: Wi-Fi model or 3G model, both having the same specs and features – I would definitely choose the Wi-Fi version for one reason that is quite simple.

Samsung Chromebook is a tiny really affordable laptop running on a web-based operating system (Chrome) meaning that will not be able to run all existing software so this is either for those who want a light laptop for the road or for those who want an additional laptop in the house, it’s not a replacement to your every-day notebook or desktop and for these purposes it’s the perfect budget device.

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