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Lenovo IdeaPad K3 Lynx

 The Lenovo IdeaPad K3 Lynx has a high resemblance to the ThinkPad Tablet 2, especially when it comes to connectors, connections, and hardware components. And both these slates run on Windows 8 so users can take advantage of all available software and apps from Office to browsers and anything in between. Restrictions apply to power-hungry applications like Photoshop or graphically demanding modern games but no one should buy such devices for these types of activities.

The is due to two main factors: Dual-Core Intel Atom Z2760 CPU that runs on 1.8GHz and has 1MB L2 cache to share with the integrated graphics processor. The list is completed by 2GB DDR2 RAM 800MHz and 64GB SSD internal storage. There’s no denying that this slate is powerful and it will allow business people to get work done on the move, students can easily have it with them all day for handling projects, presentations, anything related to homework and courses so basically any category of consumers can truly benefit from owning a Lenovo IdeaPad K3 Lynx.

As connectors and connections, there are: 1 full-sized USB 2.0 port, mini HDMI output, microSD card through which the storage space can be increased, 2 built-in surround speakers, 2MP front camera, built-in digital microphone for chats without background noise interfering, 1 audio jack, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

On the other hand, all these benefits come at a price that it’s not exactly accessible to large masses. There are in fact three prices to be taken into consideration when talking about all these slates that run on Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro like the Surface Pro: the cost of the slate plus the keyboard/keyboard dock cost plus the cost of the digitizer pen. The dock comes with extra battery life, up to double the initial time on battery, plus 2 USB ports that are truly useful. Pay attention that most likely the USB ports are also 2.0 instead of 3.0. The keyboard is just as useful when you want to transform the slide into a fully functional tiny laptop. So basically users are somehow forced to get the keyboard dock and pay an additional $100+ price.

In many pictures, the K3 Lynx appears with a keyboard dock but potential customers should not forget that this is optional. It won’t be included in the price you pay for the slate. These are two separate electronics thus two different prices. The final value for both will exceed $700.

The major difference between the Lenovo IdeaPad K3 Lynx and the ThinkPad 2 is a bigger display. Instead of the usual 10.1-inch touchscreen, also found in the Acer and Asus similar devices, this ultra-portable has an 11.6 display 5 point multitouch. When we are talking about getting some work done, every inch matters. The IPS technology has also been employed for achieving up to 180 degrees viewing angles and the viewing quality is truly exceptional. Since the size of the panel is increased by an inch and a half, the IdeaPad K3 Lynx weighs 1.5 pounds (680 grams) instead of 1.3 pounds. But it’s still very light and ultra-portable.

Another advantage is that this model is more affordable than the ThinkPad 2, even though it has a bigger display. The compromises to be made are: no 8MP rear camera, no MS Office pre-installed, and 8 hours on battery life instead of 10 hours.

There is one obvious conclusion to be drawn: as long as the Lenovo IdeaPad K3 Lynx plus the optional keyboard dock don’t represent a financial sacrifice, this is a wonderful ultra-light practical and powerful device to own and use and it will offer many amazing experiences. Check Price at Amazon


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