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HP SpectreOne Review

HP SpectreOne – All In One Desktop Review 2013

 HP SpectreOne is soon to be released and for now I can tell you that this all in one doesn’t incorporate a touch display, which is quite odd if you come to think of the price and of the fact that it’s built for Windows 8.

This HP features a 23.6 inches non-touch display, 1080p Full HD resolution appropriate for this size, just like the Vizio CA24T that is 24 inches. Also it incorporates a touch pad and a mouse. If you can’t get used to the touch pad, which kind of a new peripheral, you can always stick to the mouse.

NFC and TouchZone are two strong points for the soon to be released HP model. It means that with a smartphone that’s equipped with NFC transmitter sticker (2 stickers will be available in the box) you can transfer files or you can log in into the HP SpectreOne with your phone.

The next advantage is the design. It’s beautiful and sleek, only 11.5mm thick, which might also be the motive for not being a touch screen. Well, at least it’s one of the thinnest AiO PCs.

However, it still seems strange enough that HP adopted this strategy of releasing a non-touch product for an operating system that is all about touch (Windows 8). So it might become the preferred model of those who prefer 7 vs. 8 OS. The advantage of installing the 8 version of Windows is left entirely to your NFC equipped smartphone.

In terms of technical specifications, HP didn’t made much comments except that it will feature a 1GB Nvidia graphics card so this time we have a dedicated GPU not an integrated one (Intel HD Graphics), the latest CPU (i5/i7), up to 8GB RAM memory, Condusiv which is a SSD directly integrated into the motherboard to really boost performances and decrease boot time, often encountered in gaming PCs, HDMI input, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0, Beats Audio headphones jack, Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and again no optical drive for the SpectreOne.

The Spectre One model doesn’t come alone and HP is also targeting the customers who want touch display through 2 models: HP Envy Touchsmart 20 and HP Envy Touchsmart 23, the numbers representing the respective display inches. Both these latter models are affordable all in one desktops and equipped with Ivy Bridge processors.

So there are 4 great all in one computers launched by HP to cover and target the entire array of customers, from those who are on a tight budget to those who have the money and want great performances. Concluding, it looks like the HP SpectreOne is powerful, entertaining, a multitasking device, and possibly a gaming all in one desktop if the GPU is at least of medium-level and it’s paired with an i7 CPU. Check Price at Amazon

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