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Best gaming motherboard for the money


Best gaming motherboard- what do you need to know?

The best gaming motherboard can make all the difference on your gaming experience not only for the cutting edge technology incorporated by it but most importantly because it’s more durable than other cheap mother boards. It’s much better to buy a quality main board for gaming than going for a cheap “no name” one.

Depending on what games you enjoy playing you can choose a main board that meets your game requirements. Maybe you already have the best gaming laptop and all you need is the best gaming motherboard and you are set to go. A top gaming motherboard, closely selected, will allow your gaming skills to be perfected by playing the latest releases. Computer main boards are a very important part of your system that’s why you will want to buy a quality one that will last longer and maximize your PC’s performance. It’s the report between quality and price and you can’t go wrong.

There are two main types of motherboards: for AMD based CPU’s and Intel based CPU’s. Before buying one it’s recommended to check what kind of CPU, DDR (memory), hard drive, and socket your system has so you can choose something that’s compatible with them.

Top 5 best gaming motherboards of the year

 ASUS Crosshair V Formula brings beauty in design and masterfully incorporated high tech. The highly advanced AMD 990FX is what sets the tone of a gaming party backed by AM3+ Socket or maybe a Phenom II for other preferences, twin LAN ports for a LAN party with maximum bandwidth, and you can also throw in 8 core CPUs. ASUS Crosshair V Formula supports just about any graphic card, being equipped with 3-slot graphic card, ready to take on any competitor.


 Intel DP55KG Extreme Series is the leader in innovative micro architecture, affordable price, and possibility to incorporate i7 AND I5 Processors, the overclocking performance is surely at the top of the list so no worries about obtaining maximum power, and it incorporates the LGA1156 Socket. Summarizing, it allows gamers to create a powerful and graphically astute desktop.


 Gigabyte G1.Assassin is especially dedicated to passionate gamers who constantly desire maximum power, the best graphic resolution, and high audio definition. LGA1366 Socket, i7 Processor, dual CPU, and overall durability. Its relatives are G1.Sniper and G1.Guerilla. Three motherboards for all types of hardcore gamers.


 ASRock 970 EXTREME3 is for gamers on a budget but the advanced technology is clearly not on a budget: AM3+ Socket, DDR3 memory supported, AMD 970 Chipset, user-friendly UEFI Bios, over-the-top audio quality, 8-Core CPU, and Athlon II or Phenom II Processors.


 ASUS P8Z68-V LX supports 2nd generation i7 Processors, a first-class UEFI Bios, a board supporting only AMD CrossfireX, LGA1155 socket, and TPU chip. ASUS P8Z68-V LX is a motherboard backed by top Intel components to deliver exhilarating gaming entertainment. In terms of performance for a more medium budget is clearly the winner among motherboards.


Best gaming motherboard deals

We all want to buy products at the cheapest prices by all means no one wants to pay a higher price for something that can be bought at a lower price from another place, call it smart buying if you want. That’s why I have searched online for the best gaming motherboard at the cheapest prices. What did I manage to find? See them for yourself bellow.

I have also included a small list with a few alternative motherboards to those mentioned above. I want to stress out that these alternatives are much cheaper and offer the performance of those above, not the exact performance but very close. So take a moment and browse these products if you are looking for the best gaming motherboard that fits all your needs.


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