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Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display Review

 I can simply sum up the specs for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display in some simple words: Apple strikes again. It might seem too pertinent to make that statement but this is a wonderful laptop. As you can surely expect, not a lot of people can afford buying this ultra-portable device and not a lot of people should be mesmerized because not everyone needs the kind of raw power developed by this MacBook.

Furthermore, the Retina display, in my opinion, is more of a useful component to people who work in the editing field and to photographers. It’s an instant response, like a reflex to be drawn to buying this but take into consideration if you really need it or you could settle for something less expensive from another manufacturer. Or if you have more than $2,000 in your pocket and you can’t think of anything else to buy then you can go for the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display. Check price at Amazon

There are two alternatives on the market to consider when making the purchase: the first one comes with an i7 CPU and 256GB SSD (storage space) and the second option incorporates also an i7 Processor but with a higher core speed and 512GB SSD . Check price at Amazon

The name of this high-end notebook clearly defines which component makes the difference between this MacBook Pro 15 and the other high-end laptops/ultrabooks: Retina display, which is incorporated in iPad4 as well. Firstly, this is a 15.4-inch screen, nothing out of the ordinary until now. The revolutionary innovative feature is the resolution: 2880 x 1800 pixels. No other laptop can claim this achievement. After making a simple computation, it results that this 15.4 inches display hosts around 5.1 million pixels or otherwise said, 220 pixels per inch.

This means sharpness and crystal clear image. So this is the main reason for which I said that the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display will perfectly meet professionals’ needs. However, a Retina display will fully release its visual force when it comes to optimized apps and software. Otherwise, you are left basically with a normal and very expensive display but that won’t last long since for sure everything will be optimized for delivering the clearest image to users.

Another nice touch concerning the display is its integration into the casing which means a reduction in reflection by up to 75% and a better contrast. And the incorporated IPS technology will offer great viewing angles.

Another area where clear improvements have been made is portability – thinness and weight. Well, only by looking at some pictures you can notice how amazingly thin it is, 0.71 inches thin to be more exact. And it weighs only 4.46 pounds (approx. 2kg) which is really impressive. It means that it weighs twice as much as a MacBook Air but the specs and features are taken to another level, too.

The specs and complete features for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display are:

  • There are two options when it comes to the CPU: Quad-Core i7 that runs at 2.3GHz, up to 3.3GHz on Turbo, and has 6MB L3 cache or Quad-Core i7 that runs at 2.6GHz, up to 3.6GHz on Turbo, and has 6MB L3 cache. Both the i7 Processors have an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 if you want to save power. Otherwise, you can switch to the dedicated GPU.
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics card with 1GB GDDR5 video memory. The i7 CPU will help this GPU to deliver high fps but definitely not on the native 2880 x 1800p resolution in the case of the latest released games. For editing and video creation activities this card will work wonderfully.
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM 1,600MHz. On the Apple store you can configure it for 16GB memory. After buying it, users won’t have the possibility to make upgrades.
  • Either 256GB or 512GB SSD (Solid State) storage space for blazingly fast reading and writing speeds, boost time, and overall improved performance and raw power.
  • OS X Mountain Lion operating system that also comes with an entire list of apps pre-installed.
  • In terms of connectors for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display, the list goes like this: 2 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, and headphone port. No Ethernet and FireWire 800 ports have been included in order to achieve that amazing thinness. But you can use adaptors to fit the Thunderbolt ports but you will have to buy them separately. Another change is that the power port has been slimmed down and it’s now called MagSafe 2.
  • Another component that was left out is an optical drive but some of you are already accustomed to that from ultrabooks. It’s all about a thin design nowadays and after all an optical drive is not a deal breaker.
  • Other incorporated features: 720p HD webcam, 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, Backlit keyboard, and an immense touch-pad.
  • Up to 7 hours on battery. You will be fully taking advantage of this Apple notebook wherever you go.
  • And 1 year warranty.

As you can notice some adaptors must be bought for Ethernet and FireWire 800 and another thing that pops up is that upgrades aren’t really possible after receiving this device. Nevertheless, even so, no one can argue that this isn’t an amazing notebook with amazing hardware, features, impressive resolution, thinness and ultra-portable but the question remains: does the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display deserves spending over $2,000?


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